About Oriental Golf Training Course

  Welcome to Oriental Golf Course!


       The training ground has a length of approximately 300 yards, a width of more than 100 yards along with 108 lanes at 03 floors to help golfers freely swing unlimited internal tee shots. 01 Bunker is enough for golfers to experience the same difficulty on the playing field and 02 putting green courses can view the ball accurately.
The goal throughout Orient Golf Training Course is to always provide professional services to golfers, regardless of level, class and age. All customers coming to Phuong Dong Golf are well served from having a safe spacious parking lot, 4-star standard locker area, fully trained staff, love the job, always warmly serve you during the time of training and using the facilities here...
Oriental Golf's Bar and Restaurant system serves a full range of breakfast, lunch, dinner with many traditional dishes, fast food; Clean, fresh and delicious drinks always satisfy customers who have culinary needs during training.
You can find accessories, golf clubs, golf manuals at Proshops such as TatGolf, HSGolf, KenTack, Hazzy, Japan Golf, Eagle, Mega Golf,... where professional famous brands, diverse in types and models, will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Coming to golf, you can also find yourself a beginner to advanced game instructor, discuss, practice and practical experience with leading experts in this field. Experienced coaches from Australia, Korea, Vietnam ... Particularly featuring PGA Coaches Mr Scott Riddick, Mark Wiliam Chambers; Seo Duk Yun, Park Seo Jun, Nguyen Thai Duong, Luu Hai Ninh, Vu Thi Van... will actively support you to improve your gameplay and conquer this sport.

With the total remaining area in the main building, Phuong Dong Sports Joint Stock Company will invest and combine with other secondary investors to build the most complete sports, entertainment and other services...
Invested methodically, carefully selected equipment "Orient Golf Course" reaches the leading caliber and scale in the region, contributing to improving the quality and awakening - raising the value of golf in the hearts of fans.
Phuong Dong Golf is always open to you on all days, including weekends and holidays/Tet.


For more information, please contact: 0987 860 188 - 0243 7857 889

Email: golfphuongdong@gmail.com

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1 Ms. Hòa 0948 880 712
2 Mr.Mừng 0949 843 454
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